Wednesday, 20 July 2011

You know what's annoying?...

- When you make the effort and take time to do a work out at home using a DVD and then the DVD relies heavily on props (e.g. matt, strap, brick, etc. etc.)! It's frustrating because then they make you think you need to purchase all of the props in order to have an effective work out!

- when my physiotherapist says to do one thing, and then my osteopath says to do another. I'm a teacher so I know that there is more than one way to teach, do, or learn things...but sometimes I'm just like, 'ugh...what is the right thing to do!?" For example...I'm supposed to do small lunges as a stretch, but the other therapist says not to do the lunges. I want to get better...what's a girl to do?

-dirty dishes

That's my vent for today.

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hurry up and relax!

I have good news and bad news. The good news...after months and months of ongoing back pain, I am finally (FINALLY!!!!) starting to experience some relief after a few treatments of Acupuncture. Although I am still on the mend, it is amazing how some little needles placed in my back and butt can start to make a huge difference!! Since Acupuncture is starting to work, a lot of my pain may be from an over-active and sensitive nervous system as well as my weak SI joint. (jeesh, having a baby does a lot to a person!)

Now the bad news...Along with this therapy, it has been suggested that I try and work on more ways of relaxing. (hence the title of this post).

Relax!!?? What's that??!!...pfff. Since I'm a very go-go person, and I tend to get up-tight and frustrated quickly, this practice is very difficult for me! It has been recommended that one way to start working on the art of relaxing is to take up Yoga. Now for all you skeptics out there (including myself), don't be too quick to judge. Although Yoga and Hinduism have their roots in India, the actual practice of Yoga can be for anyone and any religion. "Its separate physical and psychological processes have no connection with religious beliefs. Additionally, dedicated hatha yoga practice has been found to enhance the religious practice or beliefs of practitioners, whatever their current beliefs." (Howell, 2011).

Now I'm no yoga guru so I'm not suggesting that this will be the ultimate cure, but from what I've experienced so is a helpful practice for working on relaxing and focusing the mind. So this week I have been working on some simple breath awareness activities to help focus my mind and calm me down at the end of the day. I also attempted a yoga class at my local community centre....which unfortunately resulted in a lot of pain and I'm still recovering. ugh. I can't take this much relaxation!!!! ha

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Routine Routine Routine

Well it's true what they say...babies like routine! It took us some time to actually get into the flow of a routine, but now that we have one it is a wonderful thing..for E and for me! Problem is, going astray from this routine reeks havoc for both E and me as well. Like this week for example.... We have been at our church every morning helping in the nursery for Vacation Bible School. E has been refusing to nap and having screaming fits off and on during his usual nap time. This makes for a very unhappy baby, and unhappy mommy. So much for helping out with the other little ones in the nursery when I'm just working on calming down my own the whole time. Then when we get home he falls asleep eating up to bed a little earlier than usual. I'm sure this is a very common occurrence for households with little ones...just a little off the regular routine and the kids are a little 'out of wak' most of the day. A day of this here and there really isn't so bad...but it definitely makes me thankful for the regular routine that we usually have!

Before I had a baby, I always found it interesting reading about other family's routine schedules. So for those of you who are curious as to what a typical 'low key' day looks like for us (for E and me), it's something like this...

6:45/7:00am - wake up, bottle
9:30am - morning nap (1/2hr-1hr long)
11:00/12:00 - bottle and lunch
1:00/1:30pm - afternoon nap (2hr long)
5:30/6:00pm - bottle and supper
7:45/8:00pm - bath time, story
8:15/8:30pm - bedtime

On a good day/night, this is a typical routine around our household. E is usually up once in the night fussing but is easily calmed if I give him a soother. On a more difficult night, he is up off and on crying and needs more than just a soother for consoling. I find these nights really rough especially when I myself have been struggling with sleep due to my sore back. But on good days, this is the norm. I usually fit a shower in after breakfast and E has lots of play time in between naps. Lately, since the weather has been so nice, we've been spending some time outside in the kiddy pool in the late afternoon or "Prevning" (Big Bang Theory, 2010)

I totally vouch for a good routine! It makes going out and staying in so much nicer...and makes for a happier baby too! Ours really kicked off once we started bathing E every night. He fell into this bedtime routine nicely and our evenings got a whole lot nicer!

But some days, when we are 'off' the regular routine, I sometimes think, "Is it really worth it?". Depending on my activity I can say 'yes' but other days when I'm gritting my teeth and breathing hard, I just want to be at home where things are 'normal' and predictable! I like a schedule, I like order, I like routine. And when I'm dealing with a baby who can't tell me what they want, it's nice to know what's going on for once! But as most parents know...even with a routine, figuring out these little ones is often a guessing game!

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Monday, 11 July 2011

Living Water...

I have to admit, I am not a plant person. Almost every plant I get results in death. Death of the plant that is. It either gets too little water or I drown the poor thing. Most of my home decor is dead plants (dried roses and sticks). Obviously I didn't do the 'plant test' before having children...ha. No, we got a cat instead.

But this...this my friends is my victory! I have been growing this ivy in a vase of water since my son's birth in October! It has been solely surviving on water alone...and because it is by my sink, all I have to do is make sure that the water is topped up...and it lives!! It has been growing and growing and growing. Problem is, at what point do I move it to ground? and if I do....yikes. I don't think I'll be able to keep it alive anymore.

Sadly, in the past I killed my own 'love fern' just months after my wedding, (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 2003) and I currently have a dying plant in our dining room. (It started with 4 stalks, and is now down to one) How on earth will I keep this sucker alive once I transfer it!? So here it and sound, in a vase of living water. All you plant guru's out any tips?! Other than the basics of course...which are water and sun right?! j.k.ha ha ha

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A bra for every season...

It's a late night once again and I'm struggling to sleep once more...So I sit here with my glass of wine and bowl of crackers...hopefully just one glass will do the trick tonight.

It's that time of year again...when my awfully full and messy closet needs a clean up. I spent a good portion of my evening sorting through clothes and trying on this and that. I found myself amused at the amount of changes my body has gone through in the past year. Not only do I have clothes for every season....but I realized that I have a complete wardrobe for every season and every size! It looks a little something like this...
  • complete wardrobe of maternity clothing (mostly Summer and Fall which I proudly squeezed into two containers under my bed!)
  • large summer clothing (stuff that's getting too big for me...from my post-pregnancy, and pre-weight loss days of 2010)
  • summer clothing (stuff that currently fits me)
  • complete wardrobe of skinny summer clothing (stuff that I don't quite fit into just yet...from my skinny pre-pregnancy days)
  • complete wardrobe of large winter clothing - pants, shirts, sweaters
  • complete wardrobe of skinny winter clothing - pants, shirts, sweaters
  • dress pants in sizes ranging from 6-13!
  • dresses in various sizes
  • dress shirts in various sizes
  • and approx. 20 bras ranging from sizes 34B to a 38E!!
k, so that last one is what really hit me! The funny thing is... none of them are currently fitting 'just right' so I was sitting there thinking..."I think I need a new bra" ha.

As you can imagine...sorting through and organizing my overflowing closet with varying degrees of sizes is quite the task! So, it's not over yet. I must admit, I am one blessed woman to have the amount of clothes that I do...I am very thankful for that. Funny how even though I have so much...I always want just a little bit more... shopping anyone?! ha :)

So for all us women out there who fluctuate in weight like crazy... this one's for you!

xoxo Vent Machine

Monday, 4 July 2011


Yes, you heard me correctly. Ever since becoming a Mommy, it seems that one of my most common topics of discussion has been based around my baby's poop. Once again, the poop question is returning. My son is almost 9 months old, started on formula full time a couple weeks ago, and eats various semi-sold foods. It seems that lately, I have been struggling to get him to drink very much milk. He drinks, just not a lot (e.g. 1-3oz at a time and under 18oz a day) It has always been a struggle for me to know just how much milk is the right amount for him to be drinking! I've also been noticing that his poop is currently very hard. Poor guy.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

A pain in my ass (literally)...

As many of you know, I have been struggling with lower back pain for some time now...almost a year to be exact. It started in my third trimester and has been ongoing since for a total of 11months now! My facebook posts have been nothing but honest in my struggle and fight with dealing with this pain, and I will admit, I am becoming a very angry and bitter person because of it.

I have been to two different chiropractors who took two different approaches...but unfortunately, this left me with no relief and zero coverage only 4 months into the year! I have since moved on to physiotherapy and going into my 6th week, still have no relief. I have also been to massage, started acupuncture, and have re-visited my doctor for a third time this past week. I have a bone scan scheduled for next week and have been prescribed strong anti-inflammatory pills ...but of course, they do absolutely nothing! I struggle with sleeping almost every night, and continue with ongoing (but varying in degree) pain throughout the day. Sitting for too long is a nightmare, and laying down doesn't give relief either. So, as you can imagine, I'm going insane.

Although I have appreciated the sympathy from friends and family, I have been given a never ending list of suggestions as to who I should see or what I should try. To be honest, I am tired of 'trying' new things, so I only plan on annoying my doctor from now on in. If that means calling every week...that I will. But visiting my ever so popular doctor results in an hour wait each time...(a new vent worthy post in itself)...and once again, a pain in the ass.

Along with this struggle, my son has been experiencing the joys of teething which as many a mother already knows...results in interrupted sleep, fussy fits, and in my case complete distraction and disinterest in nursing. So, 8.5 months in...this resulted in a pretty abrupt weaning of nursing...which I have embraced with only some bittersweet sadness. My baby is growing up! I can now enjoy stronger pain meds, sharing the feeding process with my husband, the convenience of feeding in more public areas, as well as digging out my regular bras once again! :) The only kicker...formula is not cheap.

So this pain in my ass continues. Pardon my language...but like I said, I'm holding nothing back. Reader beware.

Until next time...

xoxo Vent Machine

This is new...

Hello Virtual World,

This is a new adventure for me...blogging. I've been wanting an outlet to share my opinions, ask questions, and just vent up a storm for some time now. So here I go!! I have no idea if what I write will be interesting to anyone other than myself...but here goes nothing. I will say this, I plan on wearing my heart on my sleeve, and not holding back. So please don't take offense to my musings as I ramble. I'm a vent machine!

xoxo Vent Machine