Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A bra for every season...

It's a late night once again and I'm struggling to sleep once more...So I sit here with my glass of wine and bowl of crackers...hopefully just one glass will do the trick tonight.

It's that time of year again...when my awfully full and messy closet needs a clean up. I spent a good portion of my evening sorting through clothes and trying on this and that. I found myself amused at the amount of changes my body has gone through in the past year. Not only do I have clothes for every season....but I realized that I have a complete wardrobe for every season and every size! It looks a little something like this...
  • complete wardrobe of maternity clothing (mostly Summer and Fall which I proudly squeezed into two containers under my bed!)
  • large summer clothing (stuff that's getting too big for me...from my post-pregnancy, and pre-weight loss days of 2010)
  • summer clothing (stuff that currently fits me)
  • complete wardrobe of skinny summer clothing (stuff that I don't quite fit into just yet...from my skinny pre-pregnancy days)
  • complete wardrobe of large winter clothing - pants, shirts, sweaters
  • complete wardrobe of skinny winter clothing - pants, shirts, sweaters
  • dress pants in sizes ranging from 6-13!
  • dresses in various sizes
  • dress shirts in various sizes
  • and approx. 20 bras ranging from sizes 34B to a 38E!!
k, so that last one is what really hit me! The funny thing is... none of them are currently fitting 'just right' so I was sitting there thinking..."I think I need a new bra" ha.

As you can imagine...sorting through and organizing my overflowing closet with varying degrees of sizes is quite the task! So, it's not over yet. I must admit, I am one blessed woman to have the amount of clothes that I do...I am very thankful for that. Funny how even though I have so much...I always want just a little bit more... shopping anyone?! ha :)

So for all us women out there who fluctuate in weight like crazy... this one's for you!

xoxo Vent Machine


  1. Jennifer, you're funny! I totally understand though, my closet has/had almost the same range of sizes! Once you stop nursing, chances are you'll need new bras again.
    Have a great day!

  2. I'm in the same boat! I still wear some of my Mat clothes - since the shirts are nice for nursing and hide the bit of tummy I have left to lose. And I still can't find a bra that looks nice, fits and is comfortable and I can nurse in. And I never thought I would be looking at DD and E bras in my life!! Amazing how our bodies change!

  3. Jennifer...this is quite funny! You have a good writing style that makes me laugh...sorry you could not sleep though :(

    My body keeps changing too and I have not gained/lost a lot of weight nor have I had a baby so cheers to you! And, let me know if you find the perfect bra as I am still on the hunt :)


  4. My closet has a similar range of clothes right now. I fit into just a tiny section of "inbetween normal and maternity" clothes. I'm hoping to swap them up for the regular boxes of clothes that are waiting for me in my basement by September! Or maybe I'll come shop at your house....
    (Austin's mom)