Monday, 4 July 2011

A pain in my ass (literally)...

As many of you know, I have been struggling with lower back pain for some time now...almost a year to be exact. It started in my third trimester and has been ongoing since for a total of 11months now! My facebook posts have been nothing but honest in my struggle and fight with dealing with this pain, and I will admit, I am becoming a very angry and bitter person because of it.

I have been to two different chiropractors who took two different approaches...but unfortunately, this left me with no relief and zero coverage only 4 months into the year! I have since moved on to physiotherapy and going into my 6th week, still have no relief. I have also been to massage, started acupuncture, and have re-visited my doctor for a third time this past week. I have a bone scan scheduled for next week and have been prescribed strong anti-inflammatory pills ...but of course, they do absolutely nothing! I struggle with sleeping almost every night, and continue with ongoing (but varying in degree) pain throughout the day. Sitting for too long is a nightmare, and laying down doesn't give relief either. So, as you can imagine, I'm going insane.

Although I have appreciated the sympathy from friends and family, I have been given a never ending list of suggestions as to who I should see or what I should try. To be honest, I am tired of 'trying' new things, so I only plan on annoying my doctor from now on in. If that means calling every week...that I will. But visiting my ever so popular doctor results in an hour wait each time...(a new vent worthy post in itself)...and once again, a pain in the ass.

Along with this struggle, my son has been experiencing the joys of teething which as many a mother already knows...results in interrupted sleep, fussy fits, and in my case complete distraction and disinterest in nursing. So, 8.5 months in...this resulted in a pretty abrupt weaning of nursing...which I have embraced with only some bittersweet sadness. My baby is growing up! I can now enjoy stronger pain meds, sharing the feeding process with my husband, the convenience of feeding in more public areas, as well as digging out my regular bras once again! :) The only kicker...formula is not cheap.

So this pain in my ass continues. Pardon my language...but like I said, I'm holding nothing back. Reader beware.

Until next time...

xoxo Vent Machine

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  1. Welcome to the blogisphere!! :) I hope I can be helpful along the way as you learn your way around out here. Never hesitate to ask questions, and I'll help you out as well as I can - tho, I'm no blogger guru like some. :)