Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Routine Routine Routine

Well it's true what they say...babies like routine! It took us some time to actually get into the flow of a routine, but now that we have one it is a wonderful thing..for E and for me! Problem is, going astray from this routine reeks havoc for both E and me as well. Like this week for example.... We have been at our church every morning helping in the nursery for Vacation Bible School. E has been refusing to nap and having screaming fits off and on during his usual nap time. This makes for a very unhappy baby, and unhappy mommy. So much for helping out with the other little ones in the nursery when I'm just working on calming down my own the whole time. Then when we get home he falls asleep eating lunch...so up to bed a little earlier than usual. I'm sure this is a very common occurrence for households with little ones...just a little off the regular routine and the kids are a little 'out of wak' most of the day. A day of this here and there really isn't so bad...but it definitely makes me thankful for the regular routine that we usually have!

Before I had a baby, I always found it interesting reading about other family's routine schedules. So for those of you who are curious as to what a typical 'low key' day looks like for us (for E and me), it's something like this...

6:45/7:00am - wake up, bottle
9:30am - morning nap (1/2hr-1hr long)
11:00/12:00 - bottle and lunch
1:00/1:30pm - afternoon nap (2hr long)
5:30/6:00pm - bottle and supper
7:45/8:00pm - bath time, story
8:15/8:30pm - bedtime

On a good day/night, this is a typical routine around our household. E is usually up once in the night fussing but is easily calmed if I give him a soother. On a more difficult night, he is up off and on crying and needs more than just a soother for consoling. I find these nights really rough especially when I myself have been struggling with sleep due to my sore back. But on good days, this is the norm. I usually fit a shower in after breakfast and E has lots of play time in between naps. Lately, since the weather has been so nice, we've been spending some time outside in the kiddy pool in the late afternoon or "Prevning" (Big Bang Theory, 2010)

I totally vouch for a good routine! It makes going out and staying in so much nicer...and makes for a happier baby too! Ours really kicked off once we started bathing E every night. He fell into this bedtime routine nicely and our evenings got a whole lot nicer!

But some days, when we are 'off' the regular routine, I sometimes think, "Is it really worth it?". Depending on my activity I can say 'yes' but other days when I'm gritting my teeth and breathing hard, I just want to be at home where things are 'normal' and predictable! I like a schedule, I like order, I like routine. And when I'm dealing with a baby who can't tell me what they want, it's nice to know what's going on for once! But as most parents know...even with a routine, figuring out these little ones is often a guessing game!

xoxo Vent Machine


  1. I also love routine! Big time! I've also never understood parents who don't have routine naps. While naps are clearly important for babies/kids, it is equally important for the parents' sanity!

  2. Our little Bird woke up twice a night and needed soothing back to sleep by either rocking or nursing until 13 months. It was a very trying year for sure, and after about 9 months Caleb had to start helping me at night- he would get the first wake up (he was still usually up) and I would sleep with my ear plugs in so I could get a good four-five before she would wake up for the second one so I wasnt a complete zombie (which is what I was by about month 7 of sleep deprivation).

    Then, really almost miraculously, around 13 months she just started sleeping through the night. We got hints of it in month 12 when she would only wake once, but then all of a sudden she just started going down at 8:30 and not waking until 7:30. Just like that. And her naps got regulated right around the same time, she takes one 2 hour nap, usually between 12:30 and 2:30 (ish).

    I tell you all this to say hang in there- babies reach their sleep maturity at different times, and when they finally do its a wonderful thing! I still wake up in the morning and want to do a jig of joy that I slept all night with no wake ups. It was a long 13 months but I promise you that, with so many other things with parenting, you will get through it and before too long you'll have a hard time even remembering it was a problem. Promise! Hugs!