Wednesday, 20 July 2011

You know what's annoying?...

- When you make the effort and take time to do a work out at home using a DVD and then the DVD relies heavily on props (e.g. matt, strap, brick, etc. etc.)! It's frustrating because then they make you think you need to purchase all of the props in order to have an effective work out!

- when my physiotherapist says to do one thing, and then my osteopath says to do another. I'm a teacher so I know that there is more than one way to teach, do, or learn things...but sometimes I'm just like, 'ugh...what is the right thing to do!?" For example...I'm supposed to do small lunges as a stretch, but the other therapist says not to do the lunges. I want to get better...what's a girl to do?

-dirty dishes

That's my vent for today.

xoxo Vent Machine

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  1. agreed on the workout video deal. I like when they tell you on the back exactly the equipment you'll need so you wont be surprised, but they usually dont do that.

    As for conflicts. yes, its funny bec my physio vented herself about that to me the last time I was in, about a client she had seen before who's other therapist was telling her to do the wrong exercises for her abdomen! Haha so it must happen a lot.

    As for contradictions- did you mention that to Carolyn? Did you mention the contradiction? I wonder if shed have a viewpoint on that. I would go with my gut, int he sense of which one do you feel has given you the best treatment thus far and which one really seems to know what they are talking about? and if they continue to contradict themselves you might have to pick one and go with it, know what I mean? Hope you get it sorted out. :)