Monday, 1 August 2011

Camping...or something like it.

Camping. Although I love the idea of it, for most of my life the actual act of sleeping on the ground, going without a shower, and living with the bare minimums has not been my 'cup of tea'.

My idea of camping is comfort know, nice dry cozy trailers, comfortable beds (as opposed to the ground), and flush toilets and showers! Even though this has always been my 'ideal' or 'dream' idea of camping, I think that I've done a pretty good job of toughing it out and on occasion 'roughing it' as they say.... although I guarantee that it did come with a fair share of complaining. ha.

Last year I managed to camp in our small tent (beautiful tent, but which I can't stand up in), using an air mattress, while experiencing a 'lovely' insanely massive thunderstorm (with very little shelter) all while I was 7 months pregnant! Needless to say...not so fun.

This year I have been a little nervous once again with the whole camping experience. (now having a little one as well as my back pain...don't want to erk it) However, there is one place that I knew I'd feel very comfortable...and that is my great family tradition camping haven near Hanover. (a very cozy extended family member's property with a private pond). So after the ever so stressful getting ready and packing ordeal (I find packing stressful all the time! but this time it also included a massive fit of rage on my part because I didn't have my relaxing music on my phone...ironic I know) ;) Russ and I headed off for a night's stay of 'camping' with little E in tow :) Russ and I were lucky to request a small little cabin this year again which for me, makes the whole experience THAT much better :) E slept in a play pen on the floor and although he was up at 6:30am even after a late night at the campfire, I think that he did a pretty good job overall! He absolutely LOVED the water and my heart just melt watching him laugh and giggle while we swam!

The whole experience got me thinking....hmmm, I think we could try this again! (of course, this weekend didn't include much effort on my part on food (besides a bit of baking which I enjoy) Packing a cooler, prepping meals, and of course all the clean up doesn't excite me too much. So I guess before I go all 'gung ho' on the camping ordeal, there are a few items I'd like on my camping 'checklist'..... I like having my food prepped for me (or meals with minimal prep), next to no clean up, a nice bed to sleep in, a place where I can stand to change my clothes, a clean washroom, a shower if needed, a shelter if there is rain, a place for E to sleep, a chair in the shade to read, lots of yummy treats, electricity, a microwave is handy for bottles, and....

hmmm, I wonder if I should just stay home ;)

xoxo Vent Machine

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