Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wake Up Sleeping Dragon!

So apparently in the blogging world, it has been WAY too long since I've made a post!

True, true, I have kept my distance for the last month, I guess life has gotten busy. My little man has been ever changing as the month progresses...he's now a super crawler, standing up on everything, opening cupboards, waving, clapping little boy and he gives me MUCH joy!! I love it.

As many a mother knows, there is always 'something' we could vent about in regards to the grief our children sometimes give us. So my small vent for today is this....

It has become almost ultimately IMPOSSIBLE to change my son's diaper!! He is such a wiggler and a crawler that I can't keep him still or on his back for even a second, let alone enough time to change a diaper or clean a poopy bum!! This has become a very challenging task, and I try to come up with new ways to distract him daily like toys, jewelry, containers, etc. But I'm running out of ideas! Today, he decided to flip over and crawl away with a naked bum....he turned around and smiled at me before running away even further. Little stink, he he ... he thinks it's a game!

So although I think he is absolutely adorable, I've been dreading the diaper change lately!! Who wants gross poop all over the place!! yuck!!

Signing off for now,
xoxo Vent Machine