Monday, 31 October 2011

Tiger it is!

Thanks to everyone who took my poll! We ended up going with the Tiger costume this Halloween! Thankfully the pumpkin costume is actually size 2T so there is a chance that it might fit him next year! We had a fun evening...E enjoyed handing out candy to the kids who came by and we even went out for a little round too...mainly to show off his cuteness! Here are a few pics!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

What should he be??!!

Halloween is approaching. Although the actual Halloween holiday is not one I like to strongly promote...the Fall season is definitely my favourite and is filled with Harvest fun! Crunchy coloured leaves, pumpkins, corn stocks, and scarf season!! I love the Fall!!

This Fall our family had many things to celebrate! My sister got married on October 8th! It was a beautiful, perfect day and I was so honoured to stand by her side on her wedding day!! Such an exciting celebration for our family!! The weather was so warm, we comfortably wore our orange Fall sun dresses and go to ride on the back of a truck to and from wedding photos!!

We also celebrated E's 1st birthday on October 12th! I can't believe it has been a year already!! He had his first taste of cake and icing along with a fun filled birthday party. I loved decorating our home to celebrate! E also started taking his first steps this month! We are having a blast watching him take more and more steps across the kitchen, hall, or living room!! So proud of our little man!

As halloween approaches...the fun task of dressing up my child is upon me. But hmm....what should it be. I decided to pick up two costume options for my little man while I was at the thrift store last month (awesome deals!). So I'm writing this post as a fun way to poll my friends and any one else who might read....what should he be?! A tiger, or a pumpkin. Please take the poll on the left side of the blog and help me out!! (I'm currently leaning towards tiger as he seemed to be most happiest in that costume) but... shucks, it's just so hard to decide! ha

Happy Fall and Happy Halloween!

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Monday, 3 October 2011

I'm sorry, am I some kind of inconvenience to you?

This morning I woke up very tired once again. For the last three days E has been waking up in the night having insane screaming fits. Not only is this happening at night, he's been very clingy and whinny during the day, stuffed nose, coughing, and just all around miserable. Last night we were up from 4-5:30am trying to calm him down. This makes for a very tired, unhappy mommy...and a tired baby too!

So I decided to do what I'm sure many parents would do....I called the doctor this morning. And once again, I got the lovely 'unfriendly' answer from the lady on the other side of the line. I'm sorry, but did I erk you in some way?? Is there a reason why the customer service at the doctor's office does not sound friendly, interested, or helpful!

I asked if there was an appointment available with my doctor this afternoon anytime after 3 and my response was, "no" (very direct and abrupt). Then silence. Then, "What's the problem?" (in a tone that sounded annoyed) I proceeded to say how my son has been having many screaming fits, coughing, and all around miserable and I thought he should get checked out, maybe his ears. My next response was, "Why does it have to be after 3?" (once again sounding very annoyed, as if I'm some kind of inconvenience). So I went on to say how he usually naps between 1 and 3 yaada, yaada. Thankfully I was able to get an appointment for him for tomorrow morning!

All this to say, this is not the first time this kind of conversation, or tone of voice has happened to me when I call the lovely doctor's office in my town. I just don't understand why me calling seems like such an inconvenience to them. Are they not in the helping profession? should they not sound more caring? more interested in my child's welfare? I usually just don't say anything about it...but this time I'm speaking out. Come on a little friendlier on the phone. Cause one of these times I'm just going to come out an say over the phone, "I'm sorry, am I some kind of inconvenience to you?"

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Get it right people!

K, so Round-a-bouts frustrate me! and for some reason, the majority of people around where I live just can't seem to 'get it right!" What's with that??

Did you know that in a two lane round-a-bout, both lanes can go straight through?? who da thunk it!? yet, for some reason, in the lovely town of Elmira/St. Jacobs, ON the majority of the public driving in the round-a-bout only does so in one lane. At rush our traffic, we end up sitting in a huge line of traffic just because we don't use both lanes in the round-a-bout!

Not only that, some geniuses think that it's okay to cross lanes while using the round-a-bout, cutting others off in the process. Just the other day, I almost got hit on the side of my car because someone didn't 'yield' to me in the round-a-bout.

It's time to get it right people, get it right! We seriously need to get some cops out there directing traffic again, or some large signs to help...oh wait, we already did that! and it's still didn't work. jeepers.

I love how this Wikipedia link shows traffic and learn!! (click on the image above)

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