Sunday, 2 October 2011

Get it right people!

K, so Round-a-bouts frustrate me! and for some reason, the majority of people around where I live just can't seem to 'get it right!" What's with that??

Did you know that in a two lane round-a-bout, both lanes can go straight through?? who da thunk it!? yet, for some reason, in the lovely town of Elmira/St. Jacobs, ON the majority of the public driving in the round-a-bout only does so in one lane. At rush our traffic, we end up sitting in a huge line of traffic just because we don't use both lanes in the round-a-bout!

Not only that, some geniuses think that it's okay to cross lanes while using the round-a-bout, cutting others off in the process. Just the other day, I almost got hit on the side of my car because someone didn't 'yield' to me in the round-a-bout.

It's time to get it right people, get it right! We seriously need to get some cops out there directing traffic again, or some large signs to help...oh wait, we already did that! and it's still didn't work. jeepers.

I love how this Wikipedia link shows traffic and learn!! (click on the image above)

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