Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Girl can't live without a Good Pair of Panties!

We all have our favourites right!!?? ...a favourite food, favourite colour, favourite shirt, favourite pants...etc. etc. Well, just like other favourites...I have a favourite brand of underwear. Yes you heard me correctly, this post is about underwear.

This past week I learned that I can no longer get my favourite undewear! This is a big deal! I've never done well with change, but this one has really hit me!! For the longest time, probably over 10 years now, I have been purchasing my favourite underwear - Fruit of the Loom Bikini's from Zellers!! When they get worn out...I go get more. The time has come once again to buy more underwear...and to my favourite kind is no longer :( (Zellers still carries the same brand and name but they have changed the style and material it is made with) And so, the great underwear hunt begins!

In my opinion, a good pair of underwear is one that...
1. is affordable!
2. has full bum coverage
3. does not stick up out of my pants at the back
4. breathes well and is made with a comfortable material (cotton)
5. is neutral (no fancy frilly polka dotty underwear for me...let's be practical folks)

So I'm calling all women....I need your help!! What is your favourite brand of underwear?? Please post in the comments below (you can choose to post anonymously if you choose) This hunt may take some time...but I am determined to prevail! A girl can't live without a good pair of panties!!

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  1. Hmmm... I'm pretty sure that's the same ones I buy, but from Walmart. And as far as I know they still have them... maybe check your local Walmart? Otherwise, I'm not a lot of help since that's my fav too! Good luck!

  2. ha ok so i'm a little different then you because I do enjoy patterns and some lace but I also have a ton of styles i like. the boy cut ones are supper comfy too. I am a fan of aerie panties!! But now after reading your underwear essentials list I do not know if they will make the cut. try it out though! I like bootie shorts so therefor not full bum coverage! hahaha
    love you lady. good luck on your hunt! ha and change is good somtimes! Your husband might enjoy this....HA

  3. I have similar requirements! I've been a Jockey For Her girl for many years. Look for them on sale at The Bay. Good Luck!

  4. Life sounds so hard Jennifer! Ha ha you're hilarious.

    Get some sexy ones COMMON! Lace panties from Aarie or La Senza, spice up your married life and feel great about yourself because you're beautiful. And yes they sell full bum. Embrace change, it's what gets you learning about something or someone else and challenges your reactions. Go with it!

    Colour, pattern, texture = excitement. Now go get some new undies

  5. hmmm....I wonder who that last post was from...Elycia maybe??? :):)