Sunday, 15 January 2012

RIP Wedding Bouquet

Yesterday was a sad day.

I was tidying up some toys and doing a bit of dusting in our living room and as I looked up at the top shelf of our book case, I admired my over-dusty, dried, cobwebbed wedding bouquet.

My sister had commented not that long ago that 'she was over it' and it is time to let it go but being the sentimental person that I am, I have had a hard time saying goodbye. As I looked up at my bouquet (which in actual fact, probably only looks pretty to me) I decided that it was in fact time to say goodbye.

It was dreadfully dusty, and covered in cobwebs. The whites were brown, the lace was yellow...kinda icky. But still, it was special. For 51/2 years that bouquet has graced my living our first basement apartment, to our apartment in Waterloo, and now in our home in Elmira. But indeed, it is time to say goodbye.

So I called for my hubby to come upstairs and take a mini photo shoot of me holding my dead wedding bouquet! We did get a new fancy camera for Christmas...and hey...who doesn't love a fun photo shoot?! and...I just happened to be wearing white! Bouquet, I'd say you did really well!

Wedding will not be forgotten.
Rest in peace in the garbage can in the garage
(until garbage day on Thursday).

Vent Machine

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