Thursday, 1 March 2012


Many a child has a 'comfort' item whether it be a 'binkie', 'blankie', soother, teddy, or whatever you might call it! My little guy LOVES his green blankie. It is silk on one side and fleece on the other.

I'm not sure how his attachment to this particular blanket began, but it is evident that he is hooked. I didn't always give it to him for naps or bedtime. In fact, I used to keep it in the van and I would send it with my mom whenever she took care of E for me. All of a sudden he started carrying it around, reaching for it, and having a definite preference for this particular blanket. I don't really mind. I think that it's adorable. When he's tired, he cuddles the blanket, carries it over his shoulder, and drags it around the room.

Tonight I thought I'd attempt putting him to bed with out the blankie. Although he can't ask for it yet using his words, I could tell that he would not settle in his bed. I went up a couple times and tucked him in with another blanket, put music on, and turned out the light. But he still wouldn't settle. So, I thought I'd bring his blanket up and see what would happen. I handed him the blanket and he immediately reached out and cuddled it by his head. I layed him down again and I haven't heard a peep since. so sweet :)

This post isn't really a 'vent' per say. I just wanted to share this mommy sentiment. I'm sure there are other mother's out there who will relate. But, if you do read this maybe you can help me out.

You see, since he's become so attached...I'm finding this blanket is getting pretty worn from washing already. Does anyone know where I can find another similar in nature? I know that he will probably like another one just the same because I found him walking around the other day cuddling a green fleece change table cover that is similar in colour and texture. haha

Gotta have that 'blankie' :)

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