Sunday, 27 May 2012

Speeding Problems??

I recently read an article in my local newspaper about problems with speeding in my town. Apparently people are driving too fast?? In response, I submitted a comment on the newspaper's website. Instead of re-writing my thoughts on the issue, here is the mini opinion letter I sent. I have removed my town name and road names for this particular Vent Machine post :) hope you find it humorous...

"I'm curious to know about the age bracket of the people who bring in complaints regarding this issue. I am in the 25-30 age bracket, and I do not see a problem with speeding in [my town] what so ever. In fact, I think that some areas should increase the speed limit. For example, [this particular road] in [my town] does not have any driveways, driving 60km/h will not hurt anyone in that area. I really don't see the big deal. Have there been many accidents??

I understand if the speeding problem is WAY over the speed limits laid out, or if the speeding is causing many accidents, but I seriously don't think we have a 'problem'. I'm wondering if the people with the problem are the ones who are driving too slow in town and can't keep up with traffic.

I noticed that the majority of the peopled polled in the paper about their opinion on traffic looked age 50+. hmm...

I was recently stuck behind someone driving 70km/h on [a particular country road (which has a 80km/h speed limit but people usually drive 90-100km/h)], and I also recently sat back and laughed watching an old lady hold up traffic driving around the round about in [a town close by]. Now that's a problem! haha

Thanks for listening!"

I really do wonder if the whole complaining about speeding in my town is a generational thing. Please don't get me wrong, I agree that speeding at ridiculous speeds can be very dangerous. I should be more concerned considering I have a little one but I really don't think there is a 'problem'. Not a problem that requires our township forking up $$ to 'fix". Good luck!

Vent Machine

Monday, 21 May 2012

Road Rage

Driving and dealing with different 'difficult' driving scenarios is a situation that can often get people's hearts elevated and anger built up. Although I try to keep my cool, I can often get a little riled up when on the road myself.

I don't get the local newspaper at home, but I do like to keep a little up to date with the world around me by reading some of the headlines in the local paper "The Record" online website. This evening I found a video that got my attention. It is about 'The Art of Merging.'

I admit, I am often an early merger as I get really frustrated at the driver that waits till the last minute to get in or speeds up beside the line thinking they are gonna get there faster! I often get frustrated! But this video made me think a little differently about the situation and also gave me a different perspective by seeing the video and not being in the driver seat. Take a look at this video and see what do you think...

I kinda feel a little silly now for getting frustrated at the 'late merger' cars. The guys that were 'rude' and didn't want to let the late mergers in looked pretty darn silly if you ask me. haha

Makes you think doesn't it :):)

Vent Machine

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tops with shelf bras are absolutely ridiculous!

I think that this title speaks for itself. If you are like me and,how should I put it, are well endowed...a shirt or tank top with a shelf bra just makes me laugh! I mean seriously, everything about the shirt can fit but then do they really expect people to fit into the ity bity tiny bra space they have created? I don't think so. I guess if you are tiny it would fit you just fine, but then doesn't the rest of the shirt feel huge? Whatever. The designer of these kinds of shirts is obviously only thinking of tiny girls with not much upstairs. I just cut out the shelf bra of one of my tanks today. Hilarious. Maybe some of you can relate.

Vent Machine

I'm ancient.

Okay, it has been WAY too long since I've last posted. In the blogging world, I think I'd be considered ancient. It's been so long that they (blogger) has changed the set up of how I post and edit this blog! ridiculous I know, but here's why....

I have MANY MANY things that I could 'vent' about in my life. So much that sometimes it can turn me into a bit of a 'bitter' person in some regards. There have been times where I've thought about posting a vent but then after second thought decided to just keep it inside (or vent it to my husband..haha) This radar is a very difficult line for me to draw sometimes. I realize that in my musings, I very well might offend a fellow reader and although that is NOT my aim in this blog, I do want to be careful of my friends, family, and people around me. My hope is that this blog will be amusing and fun! I admit, my vents might sometimes sound like 'complaining' but one is perfect, life is a journey, and this is a unique outlet, so I say just read it with a grain of salt and forgive me if I delve past your comfort zone :) I want to write about silly life experiences, things that sometimes frustrate me, and topics that I'm passionate about. I'm a pretty 'passionate' person, so that can sometimes be a lot of stuff! I will try my best to keep a radar and as God's grace continues to work in my life, I hope that my eyes will continue to be opened and my life changed for the better!

Yet another reason for my recent blogging hiatus is that since my last post, I have recently gone through moving my family to a different home in town! A long and exhausting process and well worth it so far!! We moved to an older part of town with beautiful mature trees...I'm loving it so far! The house is older though so we have been undergoing some 'construction' which has definitely taken up a lot of my time! I am also expecting a baby again in the Fall!! Baby #2, a little brother OR sister for my son. We're going to wait to find out the exciting surprise!   I will try and get back at the posting again but I won't make any promises...I do hope however, that as I write, I can amuse you some more!!!

On another note, any one else dying in this heat so far?? I am super excited about summer!!, but oh the heat...yikes! Yesterday I got swelled feet just sitting outside. oh the joys of pregnancy and heat eh! I'm in for a ride this summer! I'll keep you posted :):)

Till next time..

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