Monday, 21 May 2012

Road Rage

Driving and dealing with different 'difficult' driving scenarios is a situation that can often get people's hearts elevated and anger built up. Although I try to keep my cool, I can often get a little riled up when on the road myself.

I don't get the local newspaper at home, but I do like to keep a little up to date with the world around me by reading some of the headlines in the local paper "The Record" online website. This evening I found a video that got my attention. It is about 'The Art of Merging.'

I admit, I am often an early merger as I get really frustrated at the driver that waits till the last minute to get in or speeds up beside the line thinking they are gonna get there faster! I often get frustrated! But this video made me think a little differently about the situation and also gave me a different perspective by seeing the video and not being in the driver seat. Take a look at this video and see what do you think...

I kinda feel a little silly now for getting frustrated at the 'late merger' cars. The guys that were 'rude' and didn't want to let the late mergers in looked pretty darn silly if you ask me. haha

Makes you think doesn't it :):)

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