Sunday, 20 May 2012

Tops with shelf bras are absolutely ridiculous!

I think that this title speaks for itself. If you are like me and,how should I put it, are well endowed...a shirt or tank top with a shelf bra just makes me laugh! I mean seriously, everything about the shirt can fit but then do they really expect people to fit into the ity bity tiny bra space they have created? I don't think so. I guess if you are tiny it would fit you just fine, but then doesn't the rest of the shirt feel huge? Whatever. The designer of these kinds of shirts is obviously only thinking of tiny girls with not much upstairs. I just cut out the shelf bra of one of my tanks today. Hilarious. Maybe some of you can relate.

Vent Machine


  1. Amen! haha I go through this all the time! They must be designed by men who think they are doing us a favour. Would they want pre-built underwear put into their pants?? Probably not, because that would be weird.

    Also I'm super excited to hear that you're pregnant again! Are you hoping for a boy or girl this time?

    We'll have to get together again soon - miss hanging out with you!

    God Bless!

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment! I'd love to get together but I don't know who you are! haha You left your comment anonymous :) Message me, and I'm sure we can arrange to get together soon :):)

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