Friday, 27 July 2012

A Step in the Right Direction...

What a week! I never imagined that my post "On The Run" would generate so much interest and support! 

I want to say thank you to my readers and friends for sharing my experience and encouraging me this past week. 

Yes, the week started out a little rough. Along with my unfortunate shopping experience at the beginning of the week, my little guy also got sick mid week. This along with baking and packing for a week of holidays has caused for some extra added stress this week. (It probably doesn't help that I'm now 30 weeks pregnant and seem to get emotional over many things these days) But through it all, you have helped to put a smile on my face! I was really happy with the response that I received from "On The Run" ... not only from my readers (a big thank you to you too!), but also the response from the Thyme Maternity Team!

Thyme Maternity made an effort to contact me this week and apologize. They also informed me that they have contacted the particular location I described to see that an occurrence like I had would not happen again. Then, this morning I also received a gift card from the "Thyme Team" for one of their stores! I didn't expect this response...but a definite step in the right direction! 

I'd still love to see some of my store ideas come to life someday. We'll see...maybe I've inspired you to start a store of your own! heck, I've inspired myself to! (ha...I've got the ideas but not sure about the 'know how').  If anything, I'm continuing to learn where 'to' and 'not to' take my toddler when out and about. And so is the life with a just never know what to expect!

All in all, I just want to publicly say thank you to Thyme Maternity for making an effort to make amends. They were quick to respond and very eager to not make another situation like I described happen again. Thank you. 

Off for a week of holidays!! (If I can get my packing done...ahhh. This whole packing and unpacking stuff takes so much energy!! hopefully I'll get my feet up at some point!) 

Vent Machine

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