Friday, 6 July 2012

Pregnant + Heels ??!!

So I was browsing some maternity clothing websites today, and I noticed that they have all their models wearing high heels in their ads! Check out this link...

So naturally, seeing this makes me start a little rant in my head. 

Most women who are pregnant would agree that wearing high heels while pregnant is just not very comfortable. I personally deal with a lot of back pain, so it's basically guaranteed pain if I wear heels for any length of time. Chasing a toddler around in heels would be absurd, and likely if I'm going to put a pair of shorts on in this intense heat, I'm going to do it to stay cool despite my ever growing thighs showing!

Admitidly, I did wear heels recently for my brother's wedding because in all honesty, even though it hurt...I think that heels just make legs look 'sexier'! That being point exactly is probably why maternity clothing websites choose to put their models in high heels... because it makes pregnancy, and their clothes, look beautiful and ideal. BUT... it's NOT REAL!

I really wish we could see more ads with more realistic pregnancy photos. Show more models who are sz L, have big breasts, and make wise choices to wear good foot wear! I bet so many women go into pregnancy (myself included when I was pregnant with E) with ideals of a perfect pregnancy...only gaining in the midsection. We get bombarded with making sure we stay healthy and taking care of our babies properly so I'd like to see more ads with women who are not sz XS, have realistic larger legs and arms, have boobs, and are not wearing high heels. 

If you are like the majority of pregnant women who actually get bigger when you are pregnant you WILL go up in sizes in clothing, you WILL get large boobs, you WILL likely not enjoy showing off your thighs, and you WILL want to wear comfortable footwear!

I realize that there are some women out there who are the exception...who don't really get bigger except in their mid section... but the majority of us do get bigger in other areas during this time in our lives! All you little skinny, tiny, perfect model stink! haha  

As I'm writing this, I just heard on the radio that Seventeen magazine has made something called the Body Peace Treaty and vowed to stop using air brushed images of young girls in their magazines. Although this is a bit off topic, it's good to know that more publicly viewed magazines and ads are attempting to portray more realistic images of girls and women!

That's the kind of stuff I like to hear! so now let's do it for pregnancy advertisements too!!

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