Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Welcome Home

 A week's worth of vacation is great... really great! I had a great time away with my family and friends making lots of memories!! But you wanna know something that is NOT great?! Coming home from a week of vacation to cat piss on the carpet! That's right, you heard me... cat piss. (pardon my language but the word 'pee' just doesn't cut it in this case) I smelt it shortly after arriving home... apparently I have a great sense of smell right now since I'm pregnant. Well I found it...that little stink!

While we were away, we had a great cat sitter take care of Chloe (she was well fed and cared for with spoiled visits twice a day!), but for some reason our little pet still decided to make a couple 'accidents' in the house. Or are they??!!

You see, she has done this before in our other house. I'm starting to wonder if it's out of anger. Is this even possible? Was she mad that we left? Was she mad that she wasn't aloud outside? Whatever its from...It's unacceptable!!! It's one thing to have to deal with human feces (which I'm now quite used to since having had a baby)...but dealing with cat feces is NOT for me!!

I should clarify... I DO NOT enjoy dealing with human feces...and what I really meant when I said "it's one thing to have to deal with human feces" was that I can tolerate dealing with a baby's feces! I would NOT be able to tolerate dealing with adult bottoms...that would probably go along with my affections for dealing with a cat. But props to those who do...you are one of a kind! 

Okay, now that that's clear....back to the cat problem. So dealing with Chloe's so called 'accidents' around the house just ticks me off! Not to mention that I'm not supposed to even smell the stuff for fear that my unborn child might develop schizophrenia. (haha...wonder how true that bit of info actually is). Regardless, I do avoid the litter as best I can and this vent post is not about that but rather to express my frustration with pet 'accidents' around the house. You might say, 'then why do you have a pet?'. In response I say, "good question!".

We got Chloe 2 years ago before E was born. You could say that it was a purchase out of  'longing' to take care of something. We had been 'trying' for a baby at the time with no luck. Growing up I always loved cats. I had a cat collection on my shelf, cat calendars, and cat stuffed animals. I loved cats but never actually had one.Then I found out that I was allergic...so having a cat was out of the question. After getting married the idea crossed my mind again, (knowing my husband grew up with cats and he might actually enjoy having one) and I started looking into 'hypoallergenic' cats and read about how many cat allergies are related to a cat's saliva on their skin. So....long story short, apparently 'long haired' cats are better for people with allergies as we are not as affected by the whole saliva on the skin thing. (don't quote me on this...this is just what I found in my own internet research)  And so, we got Chloe. (found her for FREE on Kijiji!!...go us!) And then, one month later...we found out I was pregnant!! yay

Now, 2 years later...there are definitely times where I consider getting rid of her. Not that I don't care for her...I just don't like to tolerate her when she is annoying. I just want her to be perfect, clean, and you know...I'm being an idealist. I don't think I'm what you'd call an official 'cat person' as my love for cats sort of ends as soon as they do anything gross or annoying. My husband has also been the one to take care of her messes and litter so that has been a blessing all along. I do like all the good things about her...she is very friendly, affectionate, and likes to be where you are. She will even run to the door when you get home! She definitely has some good qualities, and I do love that about her! And so...we are not 'rid' of her yet. But on days like today, I'm near the end of my rope!

With another baby on the way, we'll see how much longer I can 'tolerate' the madness! haha.

Choe, if you're reading this... you better behave!! 

Vent Machine

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